Veigel eClassic

“Power-Safety-Control all in your hand”

Familiar face – new state of the art design and functionality- with the maximum driving pleasure. The e- Classic is much easier to use thanks to its cutting edge electronic acceleration which allows to you experience your vehicle in a completely new way.

Product details

The pedal feel for the instructor is hardly distinguishable from conventional rod-based systems. The high-tech cables are thermally pre-stretched and thus create a consistent connection between the pedals which will not degrade over time. The Veigel Hybrid is available for automatic and manual vehicles.

Braking and accelerating can be easily controlled with only the use of your hand. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows for fatigue-free driving. Its sleek and attractive design allows for more legroom and fits perfectly the your vehicle’s interior


  • Easier to use – experience cutting edge electronic acceleration without delay.
  • Twist – Push principle.
  • Effortless and fatigue-free acceleration and braking.
  • Sleek design for more legroom and space in the footwell.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Grip angle can be individually adjusted.
  • Can be deinstalled without leaving marks on your vehicle.
  • Fits every vehicle.
  • High quality, high-low-temperature resistant materials.
  • Veigel Quality: 100% Made in Germany

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